10 Habits of Healthy Living

It’s been over 3 months since the New Year’s Resolutions. Most people I know resolved to be healthier in some way….and now they’re right back to doing the exact same thing they were last year. So here’s a little inspiration for you to get you back on the bandwagon!

If you think about it, everything we do is a habit. What meals we cook, how we love our spouse, and even what we think about when we’re alone. You have to train yourself to have good habits, just like you trained yourself into having bad ones. And every time you try to make a positive change, there will always be a gap you have to cross. There will always be some kind of obstacle. The key is to make your mind the boss over your body. Your body won’t feel like it, but you tell yourself to do it anyway.

So where to start? Well, here are 10 things that are essential for a healthy life. However, you shouldn’t try to do all of them at once. It’s called “Simple Stepping.” You pick one, and only one, to master. After you master it completely, move on to another. In the end, this will actually help you get there faster than trying to do everything.